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August 7, 2018 Special assembly by VI-B

Kindness is never wasted. No matter how small your deed is.Do Good! 
An inspiring assembly was presented by the students of class VI-B (Misaka) on the theme "Scatter Seeds of Kindness ".
Kindness is a thought which if developed in the minds, will bring miraculous difference in the world we live in. There will be no more suffering and tears and the bond of all living beings would be strengthened if everyone tries to be a little kind. 
The students presented impactful performances ranging from words of wisdom, poem followed by a motivational dance. The assembly proved to be a success in provoking the thoughts of kindness amongst all. 
The students of classes III-V also won laurels by securing III POSITION in group song competition held at Venkateshwar global school. They were given certificates of appreciation by the honourable principal of the school, Ms Seema Awasthi. The names of the winners are 
1)Anshika -Class IV-B
2)Kartik -Class III-B
3)Divyanshi Sharma-Class IV-B
4)Shubhdeep -Class V -A
5)Adhya Tripathi - Class V-B
6)Vansh Rana -Class V-B
7)Haridyansh Anand -Class V -A
8)Ojaswini -Class V-B
9)Tanishka Gupta -Class IV-B
Congratulations to all the winners!!

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"Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what to do. Attitude determines how well you do it."

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