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February 5, 2018 Special Assembly Class I A

Indian cuisine is famous all around the world for its great taste, colours and aromatic spices. India is a diverse country with followers of many religions living together for centuries and so we see diversity in different recipes for cooking Indian food. Indian cuisine offers a mind-blogging variety of food. The secret ingredient that makes Indian food truly Indian is the generous use of signature spices.
Some of the popular spices used in healthy food recipes are cinnamon,  cardamom, cumin, mustard, coriander seeds, fennel, asafoetida, turmeric, ginger etc.
An assembly was conducted by the student of class I-A (Hollyhock) on the theme &ldquo Indian Food and Spices&rdquo . The assembly started with the morning prayer. The student confidently spoke about the essential Indian Spices. A skit was presented on variety of Indian Food. Hollyhockians also spoke about the classification and different flavours of Indian Food.
The assembly was concluded by prize distribution ceremony for &ldquo XVII Inter School Martial Art Championship&rdquo held on 28 January, 2018 at Major Dhyanchand Sports complex, Ashok Vihar.
The students who bagged Gold Medals are Dhruv Sharma (VII), Aarav Goel (III-C), Ashmit (VII), Akshat Badoria (II), Om Sharma (VI), Priyanshu (V), Aryan Dhama (VI), Rudransh Shainlya (VI), Ayush Aggarwal (III-A).
Silver Medals bagged by Rudransh Kapoor (III-B), Dhairya Grover (IV-B), Khushi Chauhan (I-A), Chinmaya (III-B), Aditya Jain (VIII), Karandeep Singh (V-B).
Bronze Medals are secured by Dhruv Bhardwaj (VII), Chaitanya (V-A), Archana Yadav (V-B), Radhika Bhardwaj (VI-A), Shivansh Bhardwaj (III-C), Bhivesh Singh (II-C) , Yash Kr. Jain (III-B), Tanush Mathur (II-C).

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